Monday, April 20, 2009

What happens in Karachi

some thoughts (or not) about denmark

One more video with comments

Karachi Museum, Beach, Park

Karachi food favourites

Gol Guppas,
a sweet and sour, sometimes spicy snack time favourite and Gola Gundas
made with crushed ice and a variety of not so hygenic coloured flavours

Different Sides to Pakistan by Aisha, Monazzah and Saima

The artists compare actual buildings from Pakistan ( 4 images clockwise from extreme right tower, which is Minar Pakistan to what they hope for Pakistan (3 images anticlockwise starting with pool picture)

Drawn Images about Pakistan

From top left "Billo da dhaba" ( a typical rural Pakistani setting) by Laiba, " Welcome to Pakistan" by Saif(the hands and feet representing rising population) and "K-2" by Danyal showing you that the 2nd highest mountain in the world is in Pakistan

Recreation spots in Karachi selected by Shahmir and Shahbakht

From top left, visual park, Korangi flyover, Jehangir
Kothari parade, Pakistani buses, Habib bank Plaza